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   Our group is based December 14, 2002. Such as like it and is. Well what to tell... There is nothing, we not the musicians, and fans(amateurs), but so even it turns out more cheerfully. 
To tell particularly about what that there is nothing.

Structure of our group includes four men:

Alekhin Andrey - Vote, Acoustic guitar, electrical guitar, verses, music, shouts and cries too he!
Date of birth 16.04.1984.

Petrov Serega - Bass - guitar, acoustic guitar, vote, music, sometimes groans.
Date of birth 01.06.1984.

Kolpakov Misha - Electroguitar, music, dances.
Date of birth 06.01.1984.

Matalin Lesha - Tamburin, shouts, the beer, vodka brings. 
Date of birth 25.08.1983.

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